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About us

I love French Bulldogs and want to be able to produce quality puppies. 

Jenica has been working as a veterinary assistant since 2003. She has worked in an Equine practice, and is currently working in a small animal practice that does a high volume of reproductive work, Jenica has been raising Golden Retrievers since 2011, and purchased her first Frenchie in the winter on 2015. Her friend and boss at the time was raising French Bulldogs and through helping her she fell in love with the breed and all the personality they have to offer. Jenica lives on a 40 acre farm and her puppies are socialized with horses, chickens, cats, goats, cows and kids. Jenica is active in Pet therapy of the Ozarks, and Competition Dogs of the Ozarks, where she is usually trial secretary for their nose work and Agility competitions. Jenica has also started showing her dogs in ABKC for conformation.


I make it a priority to raise healthy puppies that will be well adapted to situations they may find in their new homes.  Our dogs are pets first. Paisley is currently retired, but competing in Nose Work  and has been pet therapy certified. She loves making visits and bringing smiles to peoples faces. I love working with our Frenchies and developing that bond that can only be formed when you work together as a team with your dog. 

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