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Stud Service Contract

Show Me Frenchies

Jenica Belsha 

2071 Blackjack School Rd

Marionville, Mo. 65705

417-763-9007 Jenica


Female Owner Name:


Phone Number:

Female Call Name:

Female Registered Name:

Registration number:


First day of bleeding:

Will Semen need shipped?

If not will this be AI, SI, or live cover?

If SI which Veterinarian?

If AI or live cover at Stud owners home please answer the following:

Is Female crate trained?

Is Female housebroken?

Does Female chew bedding, other things?

What is the Females feeding routine?

Other Important information:


Stud Dog Using:

Registration Number:


Terms of Contract


The fee for stud service is $____________. Stud fee is due before registration papers will be released for the litter.


Female owner agrees to:

  • Supply food for female

  • Supply vaccination record

  • Supply current negative Brucellosis test ( within 6 months of breeding) Pay for any progesterone testing that is needed to the vet clinic doing the testing, Owner will be contacted for permission before any testing is done and Owner will contact vet clinic to make prompt payment.

  • Pay a minimum $100 board which covers artificial insemination (if needed) and up to 7 days of board.  Each additional day of board is $10.

  • Send female in good health, free of intestinal/external parasites including, but not limited to, fleas, ticks, worms.

  • Notify SMF when female is confirmed either pregnant or not, within 70 days of mating.

  • Keep the female properly confined following the breeding to ensure no other dog could mate her accidentally before mating season is finished.

  • Not knowingly sell or transfer any puppies whelped as a result of this mating to any person or firm connected with the business of resale or wholesale of dogs.

  • Pay for all fees incurred for the collection, processing and shipping of semen by SMF. A 48 hour notice is needed to ship semen and a credit card will need to be on file to cover these costs.

  • Not use the SMF Facebook (Show Me Frenchies) page or SMF webpage ( without written permission from SMF.

  • Obtain written permission prior to using any images belonging to SMF for any purposes.



SMF agrees to:

  • Take all reasonable care to provide a safe environment for females coming to breed, but is not responsible for accidents or injury to females that are incurred because female will not stay in provided area, or has behavioral problems resulting in harm to herself. If an unsafe situation arises, SMF will send female home.   

  • Have stud dog in good physical condition and ensure he has viable semen for breeding purposes.

  • Will confirm litter registration through AKC promptly after receiving full payment of stud fee.

  • A litter will consist of the live birth of 2 or more puppies that nurse and survive for 14 days. This will not refund board and breeding fees, but will exempt you from the Stud fee.

  • A female that does not become pregnant as a result of the breeding is welcome to come back for another breeding on her next heat cycle. We recommend that if she is not pregnant, you consult a veterinarian familiar with reproductive issues, as to their recommendation for treatment. If you do not have one we will be happy to help you find one.

  • Will provide written record and receipts of breeding dates and fees.

  • Will offer pregnancy confirmation by ultrasound 28 days post mating for a fee of $20. This will confirm pregnancy only and not diagnose any problems or guarantee any specific number of puppies.


Stud owner Signature Date


_________________________ ___________


Female owner Signature Date


_________________________ ____________

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